Organisational Leadership for H&S Managers – Masterclass

Overall intent

Too often, Safety Managers are not able to influence their organisations in the way required for best outcomes. Partly, this is because they are not in a senior enough position organisationally and partly because functional training and development does not provide the necessary skills to achieve what they need.

Senior leaders need to provide more than just their technical disciplines. To get the best safety outcomes, Safety Managers need to also be capable of:

  • Positioning themselves to gain more influence in organisations
  • Aligning with Boards and Executives to foster confidence, buy-in and engagement
  • Working across other departments towards shared and aligned goals
  • Inspiring and leading their own teams.

This two-day masterclass mixes safety content with the non-safety aspects of the job to better position safety as an integral part of business and take a more holistic view of improving performance.

Who is it for?

The course is designed for someone in a senior H&S management role that interfaces at Executive and Board level. It is also suitable for someone not yet at that level but developing towards it. There is an expectation of a high existing level of knowledge and experience in H&S management. This is not only to ensure that the material is suitable, but also that everyone on the course benefits from the insights and experience of each other.

Course outline

The masterclass will consist of a combination of presentations and group discussions/working sessions. Numbers are limited to 15 to allow for high quality interaction.

Key components will include:

  • Understanding how to define and discuss safety in a way that supports engagement with other stakeholders
  • Engaging with Boards and Executives – understanding their drivers and requirements and how to deliver them without compromising your message or approach
  • Getting broader management on board – helping them achieve their goals
  • Educating stakeholders effectively so their increased understanding leads to increased support
  • Developing an effective safety strategy
  • Providing clarity about the organisation’s safety aspirations
  • Dealing with complexity and grey areas
  • Where to focus your efforts for maximum return
  • Deeper dives into some key safety concepts such as risk management and understanding what reasonably practicable means
  • What to measure and monitor
  • Things you should really stop doing because they are undermining your message or are simply not worth the effort
  • Effectively leading your own team and the changing role of safety advisors


  • A guest presenter for one session who will be of international standing
  • A comprehensive supporting workbook with tools, detailed notes and further reading
  • A follow up one to one coaching call for each participant after the event


The investment for the two days is $1725 (inc. GST). If you would like to reserve your space, please contact us with your details.

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